What is
True Ilm
all about?

What is True Ilm
What is True Ilm?
How did it all start?
True Ilm story
True Ilm story
True Ilm is your gateway
Enlighten with Trust

Our commitment to authenticity ensures that our users can trust, engage with, and be inspired by the knowledge they acquire from our platform

Pioneering Pathways

We stand at the forefront of the Islamic content space, committed to harnessing cutting-edge technology to enhance user experience.

Unity in Wisdom

We value the power of collaboration, recognizing the potential it unlocks in our mission to spread authentic Islamic knowledge.

Joyful Enlightenment

We strive to provide best-in-class Islamic content that our users will delight in engaging with, inspiring a love for seeking knowledge.

Sincere Devotion

We believe in conducting our operations with utmost integrity, fostering a culture of trust and respect among all our team & contributors

Quest for Ihsan

Our pursuit of Ihsan drives us to continually improve and excel, inspiring our users to do the same in their journey of seeking knowledge.

10,000+ Meals

10,000+ Access to drinking water

10,000+ Scholarships

Sh. Abdul Malik Mujahid
Sh. Dr. Ibrahim Nuhu
Sh. Dr. Ibrahim Nuhu
Sh. Sajid Umar
Sh. Tareq Appleby
Ust. Shareef El Arabi
Sh. Muhammad Qutub
Sh. Sajad Ahmad
Ust. Abu Musab Wajdi Akkari
Ust. Harun Abdul Kareem
Quran In Hand